Originally formed as a World of Warcraft guild in December 2006, the Pridestark Empire was founded with a goal of providing opportunities for players and to push the boundaries of what the gaming industry can offer.  Since the early days the Pridestark Empire has expanded and grown to help pioneer all corners of the professional gaming communities.  Rallying for a full fledged strong comeback in 2021 we are looking to provide amazing opportunities for future playuers!


Interested in learning more? Contact us at mail@pridestark.com

CEO/ Co-Founder

From professional gamer to collegiate development and everything in between, Way has found success in not only pioneering a space, but helping to grow the gaming community in the United States for over ten years. Devoting his experience and “tough but fair” management style to the team, Way intends to completely change the way esports teams are successful in the industry.

Jason Shuster

Jason has served as a finance and business consultant for Pridestark Empire and for Way Stark since early 2020 and has a background in Business Development and Finance. He has participated in numerous startups in the gaming and software industries as well as owned several small businesses in the insurance and financial services industries. He has a demonstrated ability to create solutions for unique problems and direct teams on business strategy.

Ammar Vohra
Mary LaGasse
Head of HR

Ammar has worked in several startups assisting high level Finance Officers create Models and plans. Serving as the Assistant to the VP of Finance at AhaLife.com and as the CFO of Otaku-Haven. He has a deep working knowledge at carrying over the full life cycle of bringing a startup to market as well as creating long term Financial forecasts.

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Jose "VI6" Chavez
Master of Ceremonies

VI6 is the Empire's master of ceremonies having been directly trained and mentored by former PrideStark event organizers and shout casters he makes sure every event PsrK is apart of is the best it can possibly be.  The Empire's community is his main focus.